Preparing students for the future! Personalized learning involves students in their learning, in the process of their learning and in the assessment of their learning

Trailblazers incorporates the Core Competencies of the Ministry of B.C curriculum; communication, thinking and personal and social development.  The foundation is Numeracy and Literacy skills with the focus of the 7 Principles of Learning.

Trailblazers engages students in leadership opportunities  such as participating in workshops, team teaching, public speaking and presentations. Students will work individually and in teams on engaging hands-on projects; learning skills for life long success through Inquiry Based and Personalized Learning.

Uplands will be working in cooperation with the Career and Technical Center creating skills and trades projects.  Other activities include Project Wild Outdoor Education,  Fine arts, Community Connections and  Aboriginal  Education  using inquiry  to learn about diversity and culture.

Assessment:  Students will be assessed on their Individual Support Plan goals.  These will be based on Peer, Self and Teacher assessment through a personal portfolio.


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  • Check out our  pamphlet for more information on the Trailblazers Program – > Trailblazers – JUNE 2016

  • Preparing Students for the Future

  • 21st Century Skills

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